Ranking on search results is determined by multiple factors outlined below:

Number of voice samples: Multiple voice samples make it easy for clients to make the decision to hire any voice artist. So, the more you upload, higher is your relevance for clients and hence higher ranking. Obviously, quality is an important factor here. Any sample having poor recording quality and uploaded just for the sake of uploading will be unpublished by our team without any notice.

Engagement on Voicehired: We value your presence on Voicehired. But we appreciate more when you participate. The more quotes and auditions you submit,  higher is your ranking. So, keep submitting quotes and auditions. It's always free.

Staying active: Your last login date tells clients how likely you would respond to their queries. So we prefer to put those artists on top who have logged in the platform recently. So, login at least once a week and you'll be good. Also, if you follow the above advice, you won't need to worry about this.

Your profile's popularity: We track the number of visits to your profile page. This information is also available to you on "Profile Analytics" page. Higher visits imply higher popularity and hence we bump you up on the search results. Who doesn't like to hire a popular artist! So, keep sharing your profile link on social media to drive traffic to your Voicehired profile.